Happy Easter Monday

Suzumiya Haruhi for Easter

Finally ‘Good Friday’ is over and it’s this time of the year where kids try to find colored eggs in their backyard while their parents have a nice gathering and chit chat about things of the past. As for me it’s a new start to an ‘ol new blog and continue to share my thoughts with Otakus around the globe.

Well, right now moved back to my hometown/country after staying 3 years land down-under, Australia. Facing a lot of problems back here as most of my stuff is still back in Perth, yes all my Figure, Gundams, DVDs, OST…the list goes on are now in my home back there and is taken care of by my lil bro ~>_<~ I don’t really feel secure when it comes to him and my properties but this was an unexpected move back.

So I’m currently and officially a Hikkikomori until I move down to Kuala Lumpur (capital of the country). Lots of you have messaged me on MSN to tell me to get back to blog, it took a while but hey, I do miss the effort of writing rubbish and uploading ecchi’s. Plus back here life is super damn slow and I don’t really have the ‘in-come’ to buy all those pretty pretty figures…*sigh*. Been playing hell lots of World of Warcraft and downloading heaps of anime and now spring is coming I’m looking forward for more good stuff.


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