Peter Abel Nightroad – Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood was one of the hottest anime in 2005 not only for it’s art but also it’s dress codes of characters. Them guys have really slick wear and badass, would wonder if the priest in church really did wear something like this…wow, I don’t think you wanna mess with ’em. Eye-scream has announced and will start production on Abel of Trinity Blood. Abel is the main character from the series makin’ his way around the world in seach of a way to avenge his love who was killed by a former comrade and friend. Here the details are really strong deep. The only downside for me to this PVC was the gothic lipstick he has, but other than that there’s no complain as it really has a badass look. I’m pretty sure it would look really sweet in a display case.

The scale is going to be a 1/8 size so yeah anything at this scale would be worth purchasing. As for the price…erm 11,424 Yen would be a lil high for the budget, so do plan a lil if you are thinking of spending something like this. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad buy but for those who love the series, this would be worth the money. You could check for more screen shots of this really sweet item here.


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