Rihoko “Rico” Amaha – Witchblade

If you like loli, I guess Rico from Witchblade the Animation would give you a run for your money. This lil cutie will be release middle of the year for about 4,725 Yen. Well I’ve got Masane-chan in her original Witchblade form but I’m not sure of getting this. the craftsmanship looks really good a detailed so wouldn’t be that bad if you had some extra cash. More on the character Rico is the daughter of Masane Amaha who comes to New Tokyo in order to start a new life after the onslaught of old Tokyo. Rico, even though at a young age is more mature when it comes to attitude and takes care of her childish like mum who tends to get herself into problems. They both get along very well and Masane will do anything to give her daughter a pleasant life because at that time, kids are separated from parents due to bad parenting.

As for side information, Witchblade is based on an American comic book by Micheal Turner when he was working at Top Cow. It was a big hit in the late 90’s and ever since then a lot of projects have been made after it’s popularity. But the story of the anime doesn’t have any relations to the comic series.


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