Reaching the climax

Ore…Sanjou!!! Haha not me of coz’ but this is to Manchester United who have been on the climax after smashing AS Roma in the UEFA Champions League 7-1 and just yesterday taking down bottom of the EPL table Watford with a 4-1 scoreline at Villa Park.

So with killing of an Italian club, United once again will face another Italian club in the semi’s namely AC Milan. I’m sure this will not be as easy to trash with as AC really do put up a good fight even after watching the game against Bayern Munich. Bayern haven’t been their best but still it’s still something to talk about. As for the FA Cup is concern, the double looks pretty bright as now they are in the finals to take on the winners of Chelsea-Blackburn match which will occur later in the evening (15/4). It’s going to be a very anticipating match to see who would face United at the new Wembley Statium. The weeks of supporting them I’ve almost lost my voice especially the Roma match where I went like “WTF…where did that came from…GOAL!“. If United can go doing spectacular goals with what they are doing now….treble, here we come! And yes…we want our trophies back!

If you love ‘puppies’ and lots of underwear shots with sexy hot ladies beating up each other like there is no tomorrow I think Ikkitousen:Dragon Destiny is the anime you’ve been watching lately. Recently there has been loads of releases of Kan-u and Ryomou which I can’t deny to be hot and delicious to look at but there another to be added to the Ikkitousen ladies namely Chou-un Shiryu of Seito Academy. In the anime she reminds me of a blind samurai but actually she isn’t blind just that she shuts her eyes a lot. The only downside to me was the scale which will be a huge 1/6. Anything that big would be ahrd to keep around the house unless you really have a lot of empty space at home.

It’s also been a week with lots of new release on subs. The one which I was egger to look at was Shining Tears x Wind. I’ve played the game on the PS2 and what could I say it was excellent. I didn’t finished the whole thing though as I was always going up and down the country but I think with my Hikki life I have, I maybe wanna finish up the story. All I could get the hots at are Elwing and Neige…man female elves and magicians always look hot for some unknown reason, I guess magic can do wonders for girls.

If you want some kick arse blood killing story Claymore would be such a good pick. It’s kinda like knights, chicks and demon slayers mixed into one script and makes out a good gore anime for you to watch.


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