Menas & Airi – Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade characters recently have been getting a lot of spotlight especially after their release of Reina which I bought last year and I must say it was a worth the money. I’m currently interested in the upcoming models (Tomoe and Elina) by Megahouse which looks pretty good. For now HobbyJAPAN will be releasing 2 other characters which are Menas and Airi in a 1/6 scale around July this year. Menas & Airi has a stripable costume which could make a few nose bleed if not properly supervised :3. The price tag for both of these hotties 16,590 Yen…I think it’s a lil to much but for the scale it’s what you’ll expect. Well hopefully Megahouse and HobbyJAPAN would link up to build the 1/8 scale which will then get my interest to burn my pocket.


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