Shimei Ryomou (Semi Uniform ver.) – Ikki Tousen

You thought you had enough of Shimei Ryomou from Ikki Tousen, well think again. This time she has a third kit which absolutely gives me the “slurpies”. The difference with this one is that it’s not going to be as small as it looks and there’s more flesh and tightness to it. I’m still on the look out for the Gothic Lolita version but those resin lovers with cash can get this baby in the near future. As for scale

she’s gonna be quite big, 1/5 to be exact with isn’t that suitable for my taste of figures. Oh well, at least there’s some photo shots for you to admire unless you just go down to your resin online shops and start-up the pre-order button.

Look no pants! Instead of a dress she just wears a formal shirt where it gets rips to bits, but thats what we want right. Dirty girls just gets the best out of people. Compared to the other two version, here her facial expression makes her look a bit weak and innocent.

I gotta say that the coloring is smooth looking and if the guy and produces it does a nifty work like so, then you got yourself a very good buy. This wear does remind me of Tenjou Tenge style, I guess it’s the katana that makes it have that feeling. Price tag on this beauty, a slapping  17,640 Yen. Good luck!


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