Shinku – Rozen Maiden

I’m not such a big fan of Rozen Maiden but I did had time to watch the anime. Say the least it wasn’t such a bad anime to watch if you really don’t have much in your anime collection. The OP song was quite freaky at first but later I got quite used to it. Rozen Maiden is about dolls which are given life whom later battle out with other dolls/sisters in the game call ‘Alice‘. It’s kinda a mix of

Alice in Wonderland but the catch was if you win you’re able to meet ‘Father‘ or should be known as the creator of the dolls.

Back to the subject, here is Shinku, the main character of the anime. Shinku has an attitude so self centered it makes anyone gets a headache. She never misses a show of Detective Kun-kun on TV and spends Sakurada Jun (current owner)’s cash on e-Bay for any Detective Kun-kun product…quite an otaku herself I must say.

The thing about this model is that it does look more towards the anime look compared to the other Shinku which is under Good Smile Company. The details and coloring isn’t so dark and it does stand out better. Only downside from what I can see is the posture, why I say that, it’s not to say she shouldn’t be posing that way, it’s just in the long run you might face a bit of a leaning problem.

Item name : Shinku Alter Ver. (Completed Figure)
Manufacturer : Alter
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC
Producer : Neko Maru
Original : Rozen Maiden
Release Date : Aug
Regular Price : 6,477 yen


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