Yukino Azusagawa (Swimsuit White Ver.) – Yakitate! Japan

Summer is coming and girls out there would do anything to look good in a 2 piece. Just like Yukino from Yakitate! Japan, she looks good in a plain sky blue bikini. This PVC is the second version of the original so Yakitate! fans can expect to choose between the playful (which is a strip pink) or the more innocent (this sky blue color) or, get both if they have the budget to do so. The few changes

they made was the ribbon color, the original was pink while this one right here is green which matches the eyes quite a bit. As for the bikini 2 piece, the previous one was more striking as it was pink/red stripped so I guess that was more towards going into the waters, while for this it’s one right here, the blue makes it more relaxing so you would figure that a dip wouldn’t be necessary.

There’s no change to the scale and both are going at 5,229 Yen. So it’s basically up to most individual on which color/look version to choose from but for me I would opt on getting the stripped Yukino. It’s not she doesn’t look that sexy here too but just a gut feeling I guess.

How could I not resist those curves, it’s not everyday you see hot chicks like this on the streets here…the feeling of Otaku. You know you want her.


4 thoughts on “Yukino Azusagawa (Swimsuit White Ver.) – Yakitate! Japan

  1. They always do that to me, release an alternate a few days after ordering the first one. ^_^; They’re both nice, but if I had the choice of either I think I might have gone with this one.

  2. That’s why I usually wait for a few weeks then once I feel it’s time to pre-order, go for it. I almost had that dilemma with my Hakufu (Ikki Tousen) 1/10 figure where they came out with the red and white costume. What made my decision was my friend got the red so I went for the white. Maybe I could do the same with this one. See who get which version.

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