Death Note Action Figures

The sword is mightier than the pen. That’s how it is in Death Note whereby just having an image of those who you want to die and writing their names in a simple yet deadly note book and in 40 sec or more they would die. I’m quite a fan of death note and have read, watched the anime and went to the cinemas to catch the live action movie. Among all, reading the manga was still the best a

there was a lot to read, so basically watching it would mean I had to listen to hell loads of conversation which does get tiring at times.

So fans who loves the series can now get action figures of their favourite Death Note character which will be releasing in August. compared to a fix PVC, these babies hae real clothes and also movable joints so you could position them and how you like it. Light and Misa will have their own Death Notes which is included in the package. The sculpture does resemble the anime so they really did quite a good job especially on Light Yagami. If you do have a chance to get all three characters (Light, Misa and L) then it should really be a hot deal. Maybe you could even do your own Death Note figure show, well just a thought *LoL*, it was an old idea me and my friends wanted to do with our Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children action figures.

Item name : Death Note Character Figure
Manufacturer : Medicom Toy
Scale : 12inch
Producer : Keisuke Sawada
Series : Real Action Heros
Original : Death Note
Release Date : Aug
Regular Price : 14,800 yen (per Figure)


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