Fate/stay night [Realta nua]

Still got your PS2 laying around in the house? Still obsess with not having enough Fate/Stay Night? Want to upgrade your collection of Saber? Well no worries, all your Fate/Stay Night fantasies have come through once again. Type Moon today officially releases Fate/Stay Night [Realta nua] the second Fate game for the PS2. The hype to this game is amazing, take a look here and here. It’s

not even a PS3 game and such hype can take the Otaku stores by storm. The power of Fate still runs strong. I just can’t get my hands one one copy soon. Just wanna play for the sake of seeing more spectacular artwork.

The game comes with a small head figure of 4 different master/servant character (Saber, Rin/Archer, Illya/Beserker, Rider). You could use them as paper weights I think…or something else. So dig in your pockets and spend about 9,240 Yen for a copy of Fate/Stay Night [Realta nua].


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