Al Azif – Demonbane

We love our chicks from Nitroplus+ and I have been waiting a long time to see a good figure of Al Azif from Demonbane to look as lovely and sweet as this. It so happened that it was launch today and should be in stores around the weekend. The previous release by Max Factory was to much loli for me. This one made it a lil more mature and YES I think would be a good buy for my

collection. Thing is now I have to budget a lil to get this one.

Man I just can’t resist that look of hers, it’s just so moe that I wanna squeeze them lovely cheeks. Everything is well balance, from the eyes to the body. Hardly I would find faults unless the PVC material is really cheap and awful. Overall I would say if you have the cash, go get it OK! for some reason I became a lil upset after I seen the release, see for yourselves here and start to wonder.

Item name : Al Azif Toys Planning Ver. (Completed Figure)
Manufacturer : Toys Planning
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC
Original : Demonbane
Release Date : Apr
Regular Price : 6,500 yen


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