Rider (Swimsuit ver.) – Fate/Stay Night

The fifth summer swimsuit 1/6 scale version of Fate/Stay Night girls is out and ready for purchase in stores. If you have been buying these scale version of fate/stay night then you better not miss this one. Those who have pre-ordered should be happy as it would arrive in their doorsteps very soon. I must say that this is one really beautiful figure. The only problem is that the size is way to

big for me and that was the downside. Not to regard not starting the 1/6 scale collection but is just I have space problem.

I had a few 1/6 and it really ate up a lot of space on my display case, other than that it’s all good. Oh well, I already got myself the Rider in a 1/8 scale mode so getting another would mean a bit of trouble (my parents do comment me having the same item on display). Well I wish everyone who are getting this hot sexy mama good luck and enjoy looking at it. A lil jealous though coz Rider and Saber done by Alter was really good and here the skin color is like…perfect tan *slurps*. The 1/8 scale i got kinda look pale…seriously she need some tan or something.

*Updates: To see more on how the box package and other reviews, click here.

Item name : Rider Swimsuit Ver. (Completed Figure)
Manufacturer : Alter
Scale : 1/6
Material : PVC
Producer : *Soshi Yatoo
Original : Fate/hollow ataraxia
Release Date : Apr
Regular Price : 6,477 yen


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