Lucky ☆ Star (らき☆すた) Syndrome

The last few days was called the Lucky ☆ Star (らき☆すた) Madness! You thought Hare Hare Yukai was gonna be the next Macarena, well think again people. Motteke! Serafuku (もってけ! セーラーふく) the OP theme for Lucky ☆ Star has made it huge and now just episode 3 at it’s release today I don’t know how much further the world will be brain washed by the Lucky Syndrome *LoL*. It’s a pure

WTF for anyone who never watched Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and OMFG PWND who has been up-to-date.

If you haven’t been listening to a word I’m saying then you better start now else one day your kids will be running around the house doing something you think is the unthinkable, haha!

Advertisement of Lucky ☆ Star before it was aired in Japan. How much can you take of humming???

The OP song Motteke! Serafuku (もってけ! セーラーふく)

This dude rocked the base guitar with Motteke! Serafuku

One of those chick games (STEPMANIA) where you have to be really ubermirco to get the steps right. I think a friend of mine would like to try this one out.

I have no idea what this was for o_O’

Bunch of fans trying their best….*LOL!*

This is why we don’t let people go on idol. Orz

OMG! I dunno how much I could take.

Even Suzumiya Haruhi is doing it.

Look at what has been infected by Konata Izumi.

If this doesn’t make you cough blood then get ready to puke.

The legendary Plamoo has strike with Gunpla again!

Megaman has been corrupted too.

Suzumiya doing Konota.

Even Micheal has it to be Lucky.

Even now my handphone’s ringtone plays Motteke! Serafuku which can be irritating but thats the only way I know that someone is making a call.


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