Igunis the White – Chaos Gate/Jingai Makyo (塵骸魔京)

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like this…what no??? Then you’re an idiot, seriously. Neh! just pulling your legs, don’t go all emo on my jokes. Well, if I was to get married and my wife was to dress like this on her wedding day I won’t be surprise that I would get a nose bleed at the alter. That would be memorable wedding reception ain’t it. Now I can say is, THANK

YOU for making another superb figure of Igunis again. I really really (zetai ni) love this looks and yes sir-ry folks it’s on pre-orders now thus I heard that stock could be limited too. I’ve bought almost all the Igunis figures (except the one done by Alter as the coloring was quite off for my likings) and to say the least ever since her release I’m a big fan of her lovely and seductive body shape. I said it once I’ll say it again if I had a girlfriend/wife this hot, nothing will stop me for loving her each and every day (ahhh…the mind of an otaku).

Like previous Igunis figures, this also has a very unique feature to it. Because it was done by Orchid Seed, you should be able to strip this lady down to her t…ok I think lil boys shouldn’t know to much details as your parents might start to criticise my thoughts. But here’s a few previews I can show you why this figure is so damn lovely and why you…should get it. Before I end, there’s a catch…the price to pay.

Well this is just a few shots but if you really are into the figure then do feast your eyes on some more shots here. Amiami.com has also got a few tasty shoots. So why wait, go pre-order them before your say “F**K! I should have bought this…” Something like that anyways.

Item name : Igunis the white (Completed Figure)
Manufacturer : Orchid Seed
Scale : 1/7
Material : PVC
Producer : Satoshi Ishiyama & Hiroman
Original : Jingai Makyo
Release Date : September
Regular Price : 11,143 yen


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