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With a great movie comes a great soundtrack. With the launch of Spiderman 3 in the up coming week one is able to feel and witness the sounds of famous artist perform for the Original Soundtrack (OST). Quite recently Snow Patrol, famous for their emo-like songs have came out with a great PV for the movie. The PV features kids doing a school play based on the first and

second movie. It’s really kinda fun to watch while listening to some great songs from them.

Spiderman 3 Original Soundtrack list:

1. Snow Patrol – Signal Fire
2. The Killers – Move Away
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sealings
4. Wolfmother – Pleased to Meet You
5. The Walkman – Red River
6. Black Mountain – Stay Free
7. The Flaming Lips – The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-man How to Be in Love
8. Simon Dawes – Scared of Myself
9. Chubby Cheaker – The Twist
10. Rogue Ware – Sight Lines
11. Coconut Records – Summer Dat
12. Jet – Falling Star
13. Sound Under Radio – Portrait of a Summer Thief
14. The Wyos – Letter from St. Jude
15. The Oohlas – Small Parts

Snow Patrol – Signal Fire PV

Don’t forget to buy your tickets and catch the movie…ja~


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