Hissatsu attack, Momo Style

What a month, it’s almost end of the month and it looks like I’ve done pretty much a lot lately. The holidays are up soon so I think it’s gonna be more climax action again. This month has been serving a lot of nice animes to watch and also begins the spending on figures. I haven’t bought any figures for a month or so, my last buy were Neige Blanc, Shining Tears (シャイニング

・ティアーズ) and Sakura, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, in thier bikinis which made my credit went ZERO. So, like any broke person you had to start saving which I did and also be more selective on what to get on your wish list.

Well I just got back from a drink with my mates at the cafe and man I’m so happy, Bolton held Chelsea at home with a 2-2 draw while Manchester United made it clear they wanted their trophy back by killing off Everton with a 4-2 win away. A true United fan will always believe and this is when I believe we will get back our trophies which were ‘robbed’ from us all these years, we can. Now the deal is with AC Milan at San Siro and showdown with Chelsea for both league and FA cup.

Recently I got myself Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono, Jingai Makyo, which I say was…small…yes it gave me a jaw opener as 1/10 scales are really small. I haven’t made my home-made studio yet back here so I guess I may need to go out in the open to take some lovely photos.

Well at the mean time I’m just egger to watch the new Spiderman 3 movie. For some unknown deal it looks like we here could watch it on May 1st. I thought the release date was May 4th but who the heck cares, premiers man, there’s nothing like doing to a full house cinema and feeling the climax.

But if you want to watch something in the cinemas this weekend before the big hit, maybe catch something like Wild Hogs and not some dumb crap like ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’. So enjoy your weekends mate and holidays too.


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