Starcraft 2

It’s about god damn time Blizzard came out with Starcraft 2. I guess the release of Command & Conquer 3 did startle them a lil and I guess hell loads of SC fans have been flaming their mailbox. Pass few days I was minding my own business opening as usual then they said they were coming out with a big hit this year and I was like “Hmmm

think it’s that stupid Illidin making some sort of impact on WoW…”. Yeah I haven’t been bloggin’ as of late because my WoW character went broke and I had to farm like a ‘Chinese Farmer’ just to get some cash to buy consumptions and maintain the characters I have.

The Official Website is up for you guys out there to check out the 3 awesome races. Yeah and who sad there was going to be a forth race huh? Tell me? I counted 3, am I wrong. So strap yourself in boys, coz when this game comes out, I’m gonna rape it like it should, hell yeah!


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