Kamen Rider Kiva

Well as always, every year, a one full year of Rider Action ends, another is born. This year, Kamen Rider Kiva will take over 2007’s most enjoyable and entertaining Kamen Rider series after so long Kamen Rider Den-O. I really enjoyed Kamen Rider Den-O and also the cast who have acted and voiced in the ‘climax’ series and movie. I remember back in ’06 when they came up with the concept of train I was going WTF?!? But now the phrase “Don’t Judge a Book by it Cover” puts into play. So this year’s upcoming Kamen Rider will be based on the Halloween Theme where by the main rider has the power of Vampires/Bats.

Enough talk and here are some trailers which will give you a glimpse of what to come. Enjoy!


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