AFA ’08 and Project MIKU

Media Pass

Yeah, it’s been almost a full year since I last blog and now I have time once again I would like to start of with the AFA08. This years massive event in South East Asia was the AFA (Anime Festival Asia) 2008 which was held in Singapore at Suntec City Convention Centre. I managed to get hold of a Media pass (truthfully speaking I didn’t know I had one) but it was for the final day event. I wish I did go on Friday and Saturday as I could get a signature from May’n but my mates couldn’t get off work that easily. Anyways, we had a blast in Singapore and this was my second time to go down to the city of Lions which I love to visit now and then because it does felt like home (as I’m from Kuching and we speak Hokkien and the food are almost alike). Thank you AFA staff, the crowd, the cosplayers, the stalls and also to the special guest Aniki and May’n to make such a memorable event. I hope and plan to come to the next event if it’s held in Singapore again. ..V, ^_^ (Love & Peace).

Here’s the schedule for the 2 days activity.

Gundam Seed Destiny figures.

Full set of Lucky Star FIGMA.

Rei is looks hot here.

Classic scene of Final Fantasy VII.

Curse you! I’m gonna rule the world with Danny Choo, woohoo!

The Main event, Sheryl Nome.

Nendoroid’s of Vocaloids.

Owh gosh, you don’t see cosplayers do this every time.

Classic Naruto characters.

Miku gets a sound check.

Miku at May’n Live in Singapore!!!

If you do have facebook, add me and you can check out more of the photos I took at the AFA’08. Any further information just drop a mail. I’ll try my best to reply anyways 😛 ja~

Links to more photos (Facebook users only):

Project MIKU
AFA08 Photos(part 1)
AFA08 Photos(part 2)


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