May’n Live in Singapore

I usually don’t travel to the same country twice a year unless it’s for studies or pratically I’m living in between two countries but this year I went down to Singapore for the second time was to catch May’n Live. Since I am a big fan of Macross Saga, Macross Frontier caught my attention with it’s new storyline, mechas and songs. My most favourite song in the series was Diamond Crevasse which was perform by May’n for the voice over for teh character Sheryl Nome. This song touched my heart that at times I would be in tears just listening to it and the day May’n perform the song it was simply electrifying. Truthfully speaking I rarely came close to attending a Japanese concert and this was the closest I got to. The crowd, Simply amazing.

Well those who didn’t get a chance can actually get on as some pricks manage to some shots and videos of the concert. I’m well heartache by it as even though I had a Media pass we were strictly warn not to take any videos or record (and so it seemed). Well I just wanna show you where some area were these people manage to get their hands on some good stuff.

These look like nice folks in the VIP section, but not all are as angelic as you think.

This place is evil.

You could actually check out all the videos on youtube, yeah we hate youtube but we love them too 😀


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