MacBook, For The Win?!?


It’s been a big dilemma for me but I think I finally made up my mind. For the last few years I face so many freaking problem with my design work with normal Windows platforms. Now that I’m finally focus into design, getting a MacBook would come to mind now. I have this 7 (going 8 ) years old laptop which I feel like throwing out my apartment many times because it had so much problems with the Windows platform and design programs. Well, most laptop don’t last this long but mine did. I somewhat managed to always fix it.

My parents always wondered, how could my laptop last so long, it’s because I always keep it defrag and free some trash (yes I mean those dirty stuff). Recently, I focused more onto my desktop (for the big screen), my laptop is more like a portable buddy when I want to do some presentation or show stuff to clients and friends at some coffee shop or something.

My laptop’s Hard-Drive got trash by freaking virus, yes Windows (curse my campus and friends, not all my friends). Now think about it how many virus problems are found on Mac than Windows. Because I was working in the IT department, I just spent RM15 for an external case to fix the problem.

Not because of image or anything but nowadays when I take out my laptop people have this face where they wanna burst out and laugh. Yes you guys think I don’t have a clue but I noticed. I admit it’s a freakin’ old laptop but the weight and size happens to be so ‘perfect’ that it manage to last for a long time. Today I felt that I needed a little upgrade just to be more enterprising when I meet customers in the future so I though getting a new MacBook would fit the criteria.

Now here’s what I have in mind, any suggestions?

MacBook – click here. This is at my budget list.
MacBook Pro – click here. Kinda over but could consider.


2 thoughts on “MacBook, For The Win?!?

  1. well, less virus in mac because less people using mac ;p.If i were a virus developer, why would i make a virus that will make small impact for less people. but if everyone using mac, there will be more virus problem in it. hehehe

    but for me, mac is so expensive. for that amount of money, i could get a much more better notebook ;).

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