Macross Frontier’s VF-25F 1/72 Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom

The VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom is right now one of the most talked about mecha (other than 00 Gundam 1/100) released by Bandai for the 25th Anniversary of the Macross franchise. When I was a little kid I bought almost of the little Valkyries which were from the original Macross series. I remember bringing them all over the place and my mum would start telling me to leave my stuff in the car. I wouldn’t listen and later I realize my stuff was lost. I will always remember how much I loved the Valkyries compared to Gundams. The VF-25F instantly caught my attention when it was released and I was wondering how good it was so I decided to look around for some samples and design by others and I’m quite fascinate with the workmanship of this model.

There was a lot of finished products of the VF-25F which I didn’t find very convincing until I saw a few photos these unfinished photos(below). I’ll like to thank al-kaiser for the photos he has taken and I must say, this mecha is seriously worth it if you want to have a go on a really complicated model.

Fighter Mode.

Gerwalk Mode

Battleroid Mode

Click here for a more detail look on the VF-25F.

So yes, I actually bought this baby and I think I’ll fix it when I head back to my hometown. After opening the content, it really had a lot of stuff which needed work on so I guess I could actually have something to do now with the amount of time I have during the X’mas holidays. Speaking of Christmas, girls, if your boyfriend/husband loves Macross this is a tip buy, I’m sure he will love it. I kinda regret a little not getting this back in Singapore during the AFA’08 the price was more decent but what the heck I’m satisfied right now so no worries. De Cultured! *Kirraii*


3 thoughts on “Macross Frontier’s VF-25F 1/72 Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom

  1. Wow you think I could finish this in one day, I just got it y’day o_O’ I could actually finish it fast but I think I’m gonna do a number of stuff to make it a nice finish.

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