Anjerasu Meishi

One issue which I’ve faced for many years is this…my very own name card or Meishi (名刺). I used to have a stack of name cards before but it ran out and I never made anymore until today. Yes, I’ve decided to print my name card so now I could actually shut some people up. You know you get friends or clients coming over asking that particular question, “Do you have a name card? Here’s mine…”. At times I just say, “Owh, it’s at the shops…being printed…next time…OK!” DooH!

Particularly the members of the Otaku community and Danny Choo were part of a big influence in this part. When I was at Singapore, I saw most bloggers having their own name cards and I went “wtf!”. Poor me, I was even asked for my name card when I was registering for the Media pass. How sad could thing become for me. So I’m now finally happy to actually say, “Here’s my name card…look me up”.

Rin-chan introduces the latest ANJERASU studio’s Meishi. Yatah!

I’ve used Saber Lily from Fate/Unlimited Codes as my idol just to make an impression I guess. I could design my own character but at the moment I’m a but lazy.

Just want to thank the guys who have Meishi at, guess they kinda made me realize that I really should get mine done else I’m going to face the same old question again.


2 thoughts on “Anjerasu Meishi

  1. Namecards are important, and I just realized the huge importance thanks to the recent events in SG too. I should get my own as well even if only for the sake of self-promotion. ;p

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