00 Gundam + 0 Raiser + Celestial Being Action Base = Pwnage

“All I want for Christmas is my Twin GN-Drivers…” Few weeks ago the 1/100 00-Gundam was released and I almost bought it. After reading a few articles where they will release the special 00 Raiser set, I was quite relief a bit or else I’ll start to pull my hair for buying it. Well, even if I had bought it I would consider selling the thing to my cousin who so happens to be a Gundam collector (*grin*). The thing that really caught my attention was the GN Drive gimmick LED lights, makes me wonder how it would look like when I turn it on in the middle of the night.

The front view of 00 Gundam w/ 0 Raiser set, looks really bad ass. I thought the Exia Avalanche version was hip but this gets my vote.

The back view. I really wonder how heavy this would be. I remember looking at the 1/144 Exia with GN-Arm at the shops and it felt quite big itself.

00 Gundam doing it’s fighting pose. Ore wa Gundam!

The special green transparent Celestial Being Action Base with comes with the box set. Well with this I don’t have to worry about purchasing an action base when I buy the set. Action base is a must have for your Gundam models or else your Gundams would just look stupid standing and doing less posing. These stuff gives the Gundam more animation to it. Good Stuff.

Well I heard the price cost as much as a typical MG in the market. Hey, if it looks nice and all I really don’t mind getting it, was planning to actually get the Gundam Exia in MG version and knowing Bandai they will take quite a while til they produce a MG version. I just have to keep in mind that I better not let kids near this baby.


3 thoughts on “00 Gundam + 0 Raiser + Celestial Being Action Base = Pwnage

  1. I really felt the cockpit of the 0- Raiser really unnecessary. Also the legs should have more support. Every time I put it upright with the GN Sword II it pulls a Michael Jackson move and it does a side split. Other than that it was totally freggin awesome :).

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