Inspired by Danny Choo – Lumix LX3

It’s no secret to anyone in the otaku world and in real life but has become the icon for everyone. I’ve been following his website for the last 4 years and seen things that I would say change the world. If Danny was to be the next ‘Kira’ I swear he’ll be fit to take that place. Kidding aside, why Danny Choo has become such an influence to a lot of people out there, well today I’ve noticed something very interesting when I went downtown to do some early Christmas shopping.

I meet up with my friend who told me he wanted to get a new camera. So the usual thing one would ask is what camera was he looking for? Canon 450D, Nikon 90, SONY t-series, and he says to me this, “I’m interested in the Lumix LX3”. First thing that came into mind was, gosh he must be reading Danny’s reviews again. So I said, “Alright just look around the shops, I got the price list of that camera from this months Digital Camera magazine…”. So I met up with him at Coffee Bean (our usual rendezvous point when I drop by downtown) and he told me he found an interesting price from a dealer which sold the LX3. After a drink we went to the shop to have a look at it and in just a split second, he took out his card and purchased it. OMG! WTF! OK did I miss something here?!?

Then, the shop keeper told me that pass week, this camera was selling like hotcakes all of a sudden and that my friend actually bought the last camera for the day. Fishy, then I think gosh it has to be I swear to god! This is not the first time I’ve encountered a situation were an item which was featured in Danny’s website got sold-out, I remember Misuki Takase 1/8 PVC Figure from the anime Comic Party. When Danny put it as one of his favorite figures, hoho…I swear that thing went missing from the shelves at the anime shop I used to visit when I was still bumming in Australia. So like all Star Wars phrase, “The force is strong in this one” namely our Master Danny.

This is the new Lumix LX3 (Silver Version) which my friend bought. They ran out of Black.

I had a touch of it and yeah I feel that it’s very convenient to bring about. It was either this or a new dSLR.

The display screen is quite big if you wondered.

Buttons and settings of the LX3.

So next time someone ask me a question about figures or japanese stuff I would answer, “dannychoo it”.


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