Macross Frontier’s VF-25F Decultured

Can’t get enough of Ranka Lee? Think your new VF-25F Valkyrie needs to get some ~Kira*? Well Bandai has released a special Ranka Lee Deculture Decal for the VF-25F. Talking about pimpin’ my ride, this is pimp my Valkyrie just with out those sound system and nos tanks you could fit in. I quite like the design they gave it and the outlook looks really like a Valkyrie is going to perform on stage for Ranka-chan. I recently got this baby from the shops earlier this week but after I had my eyes on this I was thinking to myself, should I get one more if they were going to release a Sheryl Nome version.

Here’s a sample of how the whole VF-25F Valkyrie will look with the new Ranka Lee Deculture stickers put on.

Over view of the VF-25F

Ranka-Lee’s trademark ~kira* pose, never leave home without it.

A very familiar design.

Ninjin loves you, yeah! Do you love us Ninjin?

Here’s how the sticker set would look like.

There’s even instructions for you to place each and every sticker (just like Gundams). Well BANDAI doesn’t want to place certain things at the wrong place I guess.

Macross F VF-25F Ranka Lee Deculture source.


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