Christmas is in the air, Have you done your shopping?

It’s this time of the year where people starts to go round shopping malls and area to do their Christmas shopping (and for some very early Chinese New Year). If you haven’t been going about lately then you should, the whole down is decorated with lovely Christmas trees and decorations which lifts up the Christmas spirit for everyone. Why even now people are starting to go about in their Santa hats. Last couple of days I’ve been dropping by a few places to get some stuff for my family and friends back at my hometown. I actually am living in the metropolis side so I’m quite far apart from those who I love and are close to. As the end of the year approaches people usually expect me to come back with something, so around this year I’ll be Mr.Santa Claus when I go back to my hometown (which I would need to take a flight back).

If you’re a hikki living inside your room, here’s a glimpse of what you’ve been missing.

Mid Valley Mega mall was filled with people during the public holiday. Some were shopping while others hanging about.


Seriously filled with colors.

Everyone wants a photo with the Xmas tree so they can post it on their pictures on Facebook or Friendster.

More Xmas deco.

Man I had to push my way through a big crowd, this was the safe zone.

I had to carry a huge bag filled with stuff and one of ’em had these. Items are 00-Gundam, SOS Dan Nendoroid-Petit #03, FIGMA Rin & Len Kagamine, Macross F VF-25F and a Fruit Basket handphone strap. The Nendoroid Rin isn’t part of the package .

So yeah I really had a tiring 3 day shopping. Seriously, I wonder how the hell am I going to bring all my gift through the airport. I remember when I was still living in Australia, I brought back the repilica Lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode III and the customs where giving me a jaw opener when I told them what was inside the box. Some poeple do tell me, if I had an otaku girlfriend, she would be one lucky lady…and I would reply back, but if she’s not she’s going to be one jealous succubus. This year, I was really into the giving mood because I had quite an exciting year. Just keep in mind that family is the most important thing as they are (in most cases) your best friends. So I hope everyone would enjoys this Christmas and if you’re not going back, why not call up your parents and wish them a very Merry Christmas. Go out, have some air, take in the Xmas spirit and don’t be a Mr.Scrooge.


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