figma Reika from Gantz prepaint preview

Apparently the numbers of limited edition figmas are rising. Figma blog just released some shots of the new figma Reika from Gantz which comes with the set of Gantz issue #26. Many guys will go gaga on this one as she happens to be one of the hottest steamy female character from the series. Hardcore figma and Gantz fans will be happy with the work they have done and I myself am quite satisfied with the outlook.

Here’s some photoshots which was taken from figma Blog of the latest edition of the figma series, Reika from Gantz.

Equip with a BFG, eat your heart out DOOM.

Awesome looking katana, she’s really gonna kick some butt.

Speaking of butts, now that what I call a nice view.

Close-up view to show how pretty this baby is.

I read Gantz until the part where they changed most of the old cast and stopped when they started to introduce new people. I  think I’ll be getting this unless I have some extra cash with me but at the moment I need to fill my pockets first. For more steamy looks at Reika you can go check out the gallery here:

Figma Reika from Gantz gallery 1.
Figma Reika from Gantz gallery 2.


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