I’m so ‘Lazy’

God it’s been like what, 5 months since I last post up something? Yeah you may be wondering why I’ve been so cut off from blogging is because of work and university life.

Well it all started with the launch of World of Warcraft’s WOTLK, the new expension got me so excited that me and my buds began to test it out and sooner was hooked to it. I think I stayed up late hours just doing instances and that screwed my sleeping habit again. Because it was the holidays I didn’t wannabe bothers with work so I just left social life aside for awhile.

Soon later Uni life resumes and I had to stop WoW-ing or else things were going nowhere for me. I didn’t expect this semester was going to be a total disaster for me. Working for the anime community and doing projects (for example: packaging) wasn’t something I expected to be fun at all. Some of you know fansubs have been having a bit of an issues around months back and I was having headaches just getting news in and out. as for the projects I’m getting, I was given a hell lot of crap stuff to work on, I swear designing stuff maybe in my resume but this project was something I would want to turn down in the near future (only if the pay doesn’t meet my standard). My university is throwing journals, assignments and reports almost every week and I’m not making enough money to even pay for my work.

I had to stop smoking and clubbing for a month just to afford the materials for my university assignments which cost heaps. My parents even rejected the idea of me getting a new MacBook, which I seriously needed because my 8 year old Acer just could support the technology life of today. I’m working with Adobe Package 3 now and my 8 year ol’  friend is starting to kick the can. The only new gears which was under my budget for this time was a new Lens kit for my Canon, Overdrive/Distortion for baby ‘Yui’ (my guitar), and the latest Nike Mecurial Veloci V.

Anyways, most people could still get to me through my facebook (if you have added me or msg me) which I tend to login frequently. There, you’ll actually manage to see some of my work (especially photo folio) which I try to upload. I do spend less time talking to other fansubs and forums now and also my figma collection has been on hault. I hope to resume my collection soon, but the good news is that I’m doing a photography folio on figma for my finals this semester. It’s the only assignment I look forward too than the others which I have to say is kinda KUSO!

Additional news, I gotta watch K-ON! I seriously am in-love with this anime especially Mio Akiyama who happens to be the main attraction now. I’m so going to get a Fender Jazz Bass guitar and name it ‘Mio’ (^^,). I even did a video (sucky one too) doin’ K-ON! ED theme Don’t Say ‘Lazy’, it’s on facebook so only friends could see it, gah!

So I’ll try my best to do a comeback once again and wish me luck for this semester! I seriously can’t afford to dropout. Expect few new stuff soon. Ja!


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