K-ON! Insert Song Single – Fuwa Fuwa Time

Oh yeah! Finally managed to get hold of the first Insert Song Single – Fuwa Fuwa Time (Jikan). This song was played for the live performance during the school festival in episode 06 of K-ON! At first I found it a bit irritating because Yui was singing at the back-up part for Mio with her spoiled voice. Thank god the single wasn’t the same or else it will just spoil my mood. The unique thing about this single was that they where able to take out each instrument for the song so you’ll have bonus intrumental tracks where you can practise your guitar, bass, keyboard or drums for the song. Kinda cool though as now I can try figure out how to play the song on my electric guitar.

K-ON! Insert Song Single – Fuwa Fuwa Time
Sung by: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, Kotobuki Minako

1. Fuwa Fuwa Time
2. Tsubasa wo Kudasai
3. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Instrumental)
4. Tsubasa wo Kudasai (Instrumental)
5. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Instrumental – Guitar)
6. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Instrumental – Keyboard)
7. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Instrumental – Bass)
8. Fuwa Fuwa Time (Instrumental – Drums)

When you have a look at the CD it really looks like a release single from some high school kids trying to make their way into the music industry, I think I’m going to be a bit hooked to this album just like their previous single Don’t Say ‘Lazy’.


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