K-ON! Ep08 – Freshmen

GAAAAAAHHH, another week another great episode of K-ON! to watch. I just can’t get my eyes of Mio, she is just to moe! And Yui-chan never fails to impress me all the time. More of Ui too and a new year means new members to the club.

It’s been a year since the reformation of the Keion (Light Music Club). It starts of the Ui checks her enterance exam result. She finds that she has passed the exam and her sister Yui, is overjoyed as her little sister will be joining her in high school. By the way a new character is about to join in the party.

The girls arrive at school checking up which classes they will be in. Yui, Ritsu and Mugi find themselves in the same class this year but poor Mio is located in the other class. They feel kinda sad for her and later starts disturbing her saying she was going to be all alone this year. Ui appears and starts grooming her elder sister who was in a mess. Soon later they went to their classes and Mio feels the loneliness as she doesn’t know a single soul in her new class. Oh Mio don’t worry, you’ll always be loved. Lucky for Mio, Nadako-chan happens to be in her class. What a relief for her.

Like every new school term starts, clubs will start promoting themselves, just trying to get new members. The K-ON! members find themselves in a bit of a pinch as they happen to be the smallest club. Ritsu takes a look at the new leaflet made by Mio only to see that the design really sucks. Sawa Sensei sense disturbance and as usual experiments on them with really ridiculous outfits. Alright ladies and gentlemen, who the hell is going to join your music club when you’re dress up like farm animals, seriously. Hot lolis in those outfit is such a turn OFF. Yui in a freaking chicken outfit spots Ui and tries to pass her a flier but ends up failing.

Later Ui and her friend went to check out the keion club. They were kinda surprise the members were wearing maid costumes. Yeah being a music club most people would probably say, ‘am I really in the right place…”. They are entertained by the members, as usual tea party time! Yes! We also get to see Mio in a maid outfit, great success!

Next day they try again to find members by doing a performance for the freshmen. Guess this means more Insert Songs for the series will be released soon. I really feel in love with thier performance, now where can I sign-up? Hehe. Yui never fails to make such airhead jokes all the time too. The song played for this episode was ‘My Love is a Stapler’, hokey…that didn’t sound so catchy wasn’t it. Mio!!! Ui brings her fellow classmate Azusa to watch her sister and the others performing. Azusa get mesmerized and gets interested.

After the performance it back to the clubroom. Ritsu, Yui and Mio waits impatiently for someone to come but it looks like it wasn’t a success. Darn Yui, she starts making funny ideas like kidnapping her sister to join the club, totally a No-No for everyone. Suddenly the door opens and Azusa enters…and say the magic words,”I would like to join your club.” Yatah! Another member (another victim for molestation by Sawaka Sensei).

So that’s it and we shall see what moe moe kyun we’ll get next episode.

Man, this episode is making me going gaga. The more I see Mio the more I’m falling in love with her. Oh man, where can I find such moe-ness, girls with guitars are really HOT! Anyways, gonna practise with Fuwa Fuwa Time. Hopefully I could be like Yui, sucks at practice, pro on live performance. By the way, I think this is my first time ever anime review for the year owh and do remember that Suzimiya Haruhi Season 2 just aired, I’ll try to watch it but at the moment I’m still filled with filty assignments and journals, pui!


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