K-ON! Ep09, Ep10 & Ep11

God I swear I have been suffering for the last 2 weeks. I finally manage to get some time off to actually get to watch K-ON! Basically I’m going to do very fast and simple because I didn’t made any review of the old 2 episodes and I just got my hands on 11.

K-ON! 9

Azura is the latest member to the K-ON club. She is then interviewed by the others on how good her guitar skills were and the result…speechless. Yui tries to loosen the atmosphere by saying her skills can be improved more, actually Yui needs the improvement so it seems -_-.

As usual the jokes start to come in and out and Azura feels that the club isn’t very serious in doing any practice at all as they spends most fo the day just drinking tea and eating cakes. Well anyways Azura gets caught with the sweet stuff so there’s no running away from Mugi’s magic :Þ Later Sawaka sensei start to play around with the latest member by encouraging her to wear a Neko-mimi headband, which actually looks kinda nya~ cute. And that’s how she got a new nickname Azura-nyan.

Days pass and still the club hasn’t done anything but eat, drink and fool around. Azura gets really annoyed by the situation and wonders why on earth she join this club. She goes around trying to find the answer at band performance until she missed club activities. The members of K-ON gets worried until she appears into the club room wanting to know the answer from them. The whole thing was, band was not only music, it is about friendship and having fun together. Mio says it’s because of this she stick with the band and things go back to…normal…Yui and Ritsu start to laze around as usual.

K-ON! 10

I’m going to make this simple and fast! It’s summer and it’s time to see the girls in bikinis! Woohoo! I think this episode was almost alike the previous summer band camp training but it was more focused to Azura’s point of views. Azura wanted to get to know everyone better during this camp especially with Yui. Ui tells Azura that her sis is just so adorable and cute even how childish she is.

Well only thing you’ll find in this episode is a loli getting extreme suntan. Man Azura looked like she got baked under the sun here. Not to forget they got a new place to stay in which Mugi said it was a lil bigger from the first summer house, but to me it’s like a freaking mansion. hey even got a boat provided. FTW!

To square it all of for the night they had a test-of-courage outing. Mio and Azura walked in the woods and Azura noticed that Mio is kinda a scaredy cat. A ghost I mean Sawaka sensei appears out of the woods only to find herself lost because she wanted to surprise the kids at their summer house. Ritsu plans to scare Mio fail too as they had went back to the mansion after Mio fainted.

At the mansion it was…steam bath…okey just go watch the episode. When everyone went to bed, Azura decided to practise a lil more. She finds Yui in the studio practicing too. They both practised together and Azura gets a big sister hug to end the night. Azura then tells Ui that she had a great time with the club and how adorable her sister Yui is.

K-ON! 11

The members gathered together as usual for tea time, as the next live performance is just around the corner, Azura was wondering how was last year’s performance. Ritsu tries to let the bag out but gets cut of by Mio. Guess you can’t get anything…wait sensei has a DVD…haha to bad! Yui and Mugi gets nostalgic feelings after watching the rerun. Once again, Ritsu forgets to turn in the signup sheet for the stage, and poor Nadoka has to help them because Yui is a airhead…that was an extra.

Yui starts to wonder why her guitar start to sound a bit wrong lately so Azura has a look at it only to find the guitar is in such horrible shape. They decide to go to the shops to have it serviced. You know watching Yui just reminds me of me when I got my Fender Stratocaster, of course I don’t dress up my guitar and all like Yui but yes my guitar has a name too. It’s called…Yui (NO not because of K-ON! I got the guitar named because it’s the same look as YUI Yoshioka’s guitar on the cover album ‘Can’t Buy My Love’).

We get some moe moe kyun moments of Mio and Mugi’s slave worshipers employees gaga-ing. Finally the guitar is fixed and cleaned. Ritsu went to fetch Mio who was staring at the new lefty guitar models. To shock Ritsu gets scolded by Mio for acting like a bitch retard. Ritsu starts to get jealous because Mio went with Nadoka and Yui. The whole episode became some drama series which felt meh~ I guess it’s an utter girl thing.

Ritsu actually got sick afterward and Mio went to visit her at home trying to comfort her and all. And things where back to normal.

Stupid thing was, the band name…they totally forget to hand in the form…again…late…as usual…bah~ and sensei just randomly gave the name ‘After School Tea Time’. Well it’s almost end of the series so whatever.

So finally I’m on my break. Please! No design work, think I’m also gonna have a pause from subbing typography. My friends have abandon me in this house so I’m home alone which means I get to play my music/guitar live and loud for the neighborhood to go all youfarkingarseholeturndownthevolume mad. Anyways I’ll be flying back to my hometown end of the month, hopefully I could finish up some fuwa fuwa songs (Owh! I’m doing some song writing for the upcoming band but it’s not going to be those emo/love love thing).



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