Reformated to Linux

My university semester is over and I’m back to being a Hikki for the moment. One thing about every semester I then I find a lot of unwanted shit programs which come out of nowhere in my trusty desktop. The most irritating part is getting all sorts of errors and headache messages from Window. I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate and sorry to say I really am getting tired of repairing the bugs I faced almost each and everyday. Worst part if running this OS is the darn platform. F**king Stupid security which gets no where.

So like Obama says it’s time for a change and I went around looking for OS like The PC Leopard OSX and Ubuntu (Linux). The problem I faced with Leopard is my process er, damn I got a AMD and there’s only a few which are able to run so I just left it aside for my Intel Laptop. I kinda fired uBuntu a bit as during my old times in college, I had a lot of trouble using it. That was back then and today it’s a whole new level of pwnage.

Finally I got uBuntu running. I spent the bloody night just cleaning, formating and playing around with this OS. I must say it’s fun and the best part is, I can delete some freaking annoying files which I cannot get rid when I was running Windows in my external HD. Another advantage to this OS is that you can just boot-run it on your CD /DVD and don’t worry the memory is like 100x lower than a Vista. Also the themes for uBuntu is super cool. Nostalgic feelings, liked the time I hacked browse into my old college mainframe. You know what finally works? I manage to watch my 1080p HD Final Fantasy VII Advent Children without lags. Before that my OS spiked so bad I felt like kicking it, grr GOOD BYE problems.


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