K-ON! Ep12

The End is Now. I know some fans of K-ON must say this really suck but all things have to have an ending. It’s another School Festival and this time Yui falls ill at such a crucial time as they have to prepare in a short time. Yui starts day dreaming and Ui gets very worried about her sister’s condition. Ritsu and Mio comes to to Ui class to ask about Yui and this is when it all flashes back to the time where dinosaurs rule the face of the earth, wait I’m just kidding.

Alright flashback, due to the fact that there was going to be another performance, Sawaka sensei starts preparing the cosplay outfit for the girls. They start playing around will all the cute costumes, alright it gets a bit ‘haruhi-ism’ on this side of the story if you remember Mikuru had to wear all those costumes. Azura picks out a nice yukata which Yui agrees because it looked so cute. Now back to reality, Ui thinks because her sis was so caught up with the outfit , she ended up getting sick. Mio tells Azura-chan to be the lead guitarist for the practise performance in Yui’s place. If Yui doesn’t recover in time she could be the replacement. Azura feels kinda uneasy with the idea. Yui seriously is funny, she can still grab her ‘Gitah’ to bed and start making out funny sentences. Ui comes back and the situation really looks bad.

The next day during band practise, look who manage to show up. Yui? Hmmm but she sounds a bit different. I’m no expert but I knew she was Ui but well they put up the part where she could play so well which was kinda a surprise for me, at first I thought she was gonna screw it all. The one that had to open everyones eye was Sawaka-sensei who managed to point out that breast size can tell the difference. Meaning if you get twins or look a like I guess the breast will tell em all. Not being a pervert here but that’s the case.

Man, Ui should have join the club if she was this good, wtf was wrong! Guess maybe her airhead sister spoil her motivation. Later on, the real Yui returns saying she’s all better but I doubt it. I guess the reason she manage to get all the way to school was her Gitah going missing. And she faints just trying to carry her precious. Yui is still having a high fever and everyone is quite worried about Yui not being able to make it. Mio tells Yui to get as much rest as possible as she’s confident they will be able to perform together in the festival.

On the festival everyone get nervous as Yui hasn’t show up yet. Nadoka still thinks the performance will go as plan and marks everyone in. Sawaka shows up with Yui just behind her in their new outfit for the performance. Everyone starts to give Yui a scolding for making them worry including Azura. Yui starts to comfort Azura and turns a bit gay playful with her. Ok now what, Yui forgets her guitar at home which she thought she left it at school but remembers that Ui actually brought it back for her. Sawaka lends her guitar but as you know Yui can’t play anything but her one and only Gitah…Orz. So Yui rushes back home and Sawaka sensei comes in as back up until she returns.

The return of Yui to the center stage shows the life the club has gone through for the past few episodes. Guess this is the part of the episode where you know it all ends here and it’s time to go encore. Yui becomes the lead singer for song Fuwa Fuwa Time for the performance and that’s how it all ends. Well episode 13 is going to be an extra so I guess everyone will be missing the Moe Moe Kyun-ness of K-ON!

Anyways I really enjoyed watching this show. I hope when making my band later I would experience such fun and laugher with my band members because this is when memories are made and friendship last. Don’t take work so seriously or you’ll end up being a robot.


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