Back to work

Been on vacation for almost 2 months. I was really tired of doing any work because I was so stressed out and was under lots of pressure from projects. As you can see, the banner from above was one of my works months back. Though it was fun, my body almost broke down. Well, for the 2 months I had fun with my old school mates and also gotta relive the days of my younger years. We all get older so every second with my friends means a lot. I was also doing a small projects called “The Em-piere Strikes Back” Show and as usual, cover the Rain-forest Music Festival 2009 this year.

I will be doing a bit of experiments on this blog of mine because I would be making my own online portfolio which should be released by end of the year. I really need to brush up on my CSS skills again. The best thing is, I’m going to be a Mac user from tomorrow onwards. Getting my baby リンちゃん tonight. YEAH!


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