This Otaku goes Apple

Yesterday night (27.8.09), Christmas came early for me. I received my MacBook Pro which I name “Ringo“. I had a laptop which lasted me 8 years and early this year I felt it was time to retire it because the battery life was only 5 minutes and to get a replacement was almost impossible. I went to shops all over KL for spare parts but all I got was negative response.

Before I got Ringo, many people advised me to get a Mac for my design stuff. Others where like saying my laptop had to retire, yes 8 years was long especially when I used it for design, gaming, subbing and other crazy stuff. To everyone’s surprise, they never expected it to last even more than 3 years. I always told people, always clean their machine at least once a year to avoid any unnecessary problems and also don’t install dumb stuff unless you are 100% it won’t make your laptop kick the bucket early. I ever got a very funny response by co-workers and clients who I’ve met but really, if you take good care of your stuff it will last. Of course after 8 years, things won’t always look brand new by then.

I got really interested in getting a MacBook after an exhibition which I attended early this year. Another reason was many people I knew in the otaku industry like Danny Choo, turn Apple and they were quite happy about it. The problem for me was the cost. Getting a machine like this would mean I would need to dig deep into my pocket. Due to gods good grace I received good news about my investment in the market so my parents gave me the green light.

All I gotta do now is start getting used to Mac, though I still be using Windows and Linux for other purposes. Anyways I would like to thank everyone for the advice and support for me buying this totoi itchy item.

Miku intros Ringo.

Isn’t she a beauty, alright I changed the wallpaper because everyone has the original aurora wallpaper in their Mac.

Let’s start surfing…look Anjerasu Studio Online.

Miku wants to type but is having a hard time reaching the keyboards…how cute.



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