The Journey Ends for Decade

Kamen Rider Decade is the 10th Kamen Rider Heisei Rider Series. At first, many eyebrows were raised because of the color attire and design of the Rider’s suit. In time, many got used to it so happens to be a popular series – “Real Riders Wear Pink”. Decade, meaning 10 years, is a Masked Rider who journeys into the Heisei Rider’s Era, starting from Kuuga til Kiva. Based on plots, Decade is known to be the Destroyer of the World, but after watching the whole series, he seems to be helping everyone. Kind of find making peace with other Riders, guess everyone can be Jesus a saviour.

Kamen Rider Decade/Kadoya Tsukasa  is played by Inoue Masahiro. I’m not sure why the main character looks a bit…gayish (if you remembered Kamen Rider Kiva played by Seto Koji)…but alright once you get use to the series he’s actually kind of alright to me. My friends didn’t liked it but after watching several episodes they start to grow with the character inside. Other cast members you’ll see in the story are Mori Kanna as Hikari Natsumi, Murai Ryota as Onodera Yusuke/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Ishibashi Renji as Natsumi’s grandfather/ Hikari Eijiro, Okuda Tatsihito as Narutaki, this guys pops out of nowhere and blames Decade for everything, Sawashiro Miyuki as the lil bat Kivala and Totani Kimito as Kaito Daiki/Kamen Rider DiEnd.

As you’ll watch the series later Decade travels around the Rider worlds trying to regain his powers by unlocking cards which is use for his Decade Driver. I think many fans will go nuts about the decade driver (including me) because it has catchy sound effects, DE-DE-DECADE!!! If you where a fan since the first Heisei era, you’ll noticed that they have changed most of the characters. The producers put in new actors for all the 9 Riders, so many find it odd and not very interesting at times to watch. Only time they start to put the originals was when Decade goes to Den-O World and also meets up with Dark Kiva/Kurenai Otoya in Dark Rider World. Reviewing the series with other KR fans, the best episode will be the return of Kamen Rider Black and Black RX in the late episode 26 and 27. Reason so is that Kurata Tetsuo returns as Minami Kotaro. This episode was pure Epic!

It’s a full 31 episode series and there has been 2 movies released The Onigashima Battleship with Kamen Rider Den-O and the All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker. Sources have said that All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker is actually taken place before the series. The movie will tell the story of how Tsukasa/Decade actually was known to be evil and later lose his memories. A second All Rider movie will hit the  big screen again in December 12 this year (2009) in which it’s going to the the continuation of the Decade storyline. Basically you’ll see a sneak peek in the final episode (#31) of Kamen Rider Decade.

I enjoyed watching this series and I should say it’s a good watch if you never manage to catch the series of other Rider in the Heisei era. For those who love to see Minami Kotaro in action again, I swear you’ll wet your pants if you get to see him in Decade. You can catch the show on YouTube if you’re one of those internet junkies, and for those who are really into Kamen Rider, TV-Nihon is doing the fan subbing. Next off Kamen Rider Double (W). Ja~


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