K-ON! goes Live-Action Coming Soon

The ever popular K-ON! animation and manga will be hitting live soon. All your favourite K-ON! Bu cast will be played by real actresses. The selection of actress looks alright especially Yui and Mio who are on my ‘yummy’ list.

When I thought SCANDAL @ MUSICJAPAN doing the ending  theme song 【Don’t say lazy】 was good enough, this just made me want my moe~

Japanese broadcaster TBS is said to be contemplating a live-action drama adaptation of moe blob anime K-ON!

Since the source is 2ch, the information (and the above image) may be complete fancy or an unerringly accurate leak of insider info, but whatever the case K-ON! fans wasted no time in condemning the mere suggestion that such an adaptation might be being considered.

TBS is currently reeling from a disastrously ill received drama adaptation of long running police manga Kochikame, so this presumably implies they are either foolish enough to go ahead or chastened enough to back away, assuming this rumour is anything more than the crazed ramblings of 2ch…

Source: Sankakucomplex.com

Don’t be mistaken with the AV version which is also due out soon. Not every interesting batch of models they got for that one.

– Don’t say “Lazy” –


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