Kamen Rider Double – Episode 1

Episode 01 – Double’s Search/Two Detectives in One

Introduction to how Shotaro (played by Kiriyama Ren) meets Phillip (played by Suda Masaki) and later turns into Kamen Rider Double. Shotaro works as a Private Detective while Phillip is like a sidekick/library in solving cases. Akiko (played by Suda Masaki) plays a really irritating character who happens to be the niece of the previous P.I which Shotaro used to worked under. Later Shotaro gets a case which will later reveal the sells USB memory sticks (called Gaia Memories) to criminals transforming them into Dopants.

Shotaro here reminds me of Sakurai Yuuto from Kamen Rider Den-O for some reason but with a funny and lose personality. As for Phillip he does resemble C.C from Code Geass but a male version. The Double Driver’s sound isn’t as cool as I thought it would be, I still prefer Decade’s Driver voice actor. Forms reviled in this episode where the Cyclone (Green), Joker (Black) and Lunar (Yellow). The OP theme was sweet thought. As for the CG, looks promising but what’s with the Lunar expand form. That I had my eyes wide open in surprise. The finisher move was kinda…WTF! Maximum Drive, reminded me of Kabuto. If you played WoW (World of Warcraft), the villian Double defeats looks like Ragnaros. LOL!

For extras, The Final episode of Kamen Rider Decade #31 has been subbed so I guess for those who would like to watch a full length series, it’s a good time to begin. Ja~

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