Kamen Rider Double (W)

Today is the premier of the latest Heisei Kamen Rider series entitled Kamen Rider Double or W (仮面ライダーW(ダブル). Normally I would wake up early for this but because of the weather I kinda missed the whole series earlier so I didn’t manage to watch today’s premier. No worries, the internet is quite useful so I’ll get my chance to catch the series later on in the day.

Anyways, I managed to watch the Opening Theme of Double, 「WBX ~W Boiled extreme~」 song by上木彩矢&TAKUYA, and I must say it’s quite cool and sexy too. Like it’s successor Kamen Rider Decade, I really hope this series of going to be fun and exciting to watch. The Rider suit reminds me of Shadowmoon and Black in a way.

Here’s the OP for Kamen Rider Double.

All Rights Belong To Toei.

Well I’m off to catch the show on repeat. Ja~


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