Perfect Grade GN0000 00 Gundam 00 Raiser

It’s about time they came out with more Perfect Grade for Gunpla. All this while the few PGs I knew where Strike and lately Red Frame Strike from Gundam SEED. Now Bandai has release the latest PG series which in under Gundam OO franchise. I saw the pre-order for this huge mecha (well huge because when you built it it’s going to be a 1/60 scale) in the shops during the weekend. My buds and I where like, “this is so going to be hot at AFA’09 this year” and none the less, agreed!

Frontpage of PG 00 Gundam + Raiser.

You could get the preview on PDF at the website.

Wow, I remember back last year before Christmas my darn cousin asked me for ‘a present’ which was the normal version of 00 Gundam. Now, I hope none of my relatives (but I doubt it because I’m going to Singapore) would ‘request’ this beauty. Lucky for me, I’m moving out of my rented house to my very own purchased apartment end of this year so, I may have in mind to get this to fill in the gasps of my Gundam collection later. Right now I’m still at a budget in getting the MG Gundam Exia (SE) because I wanna complete my 00 Gundam series diorama.

All Rights to Bandai Japan.


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