Mio Akiyama ‘Fuwa Fuwa Time’ figure Coming Soon

Just when I was finished up with most of my work I got this very good news about Mio Akiyama. upLark has released on their blog that they are on the works on a 1/8 scale figure of K-ON! Mio Akiyama.

Because it’s still in progress there isn’t much information about this beauty but as a K-ON! and Mio fan I’m so going to put this on my wishlist. I’ve pre-ordered my Alter and Nendoroid version so I don’t think I’ll pass this one up. Alright I know I had this comment before saying 5 Ignis makes my army so I’m going to create my second army, or was it my third? (Due to the fact I used to collect lots of Lacus Clyne figures).

Image from upLark Blog.

The figure is based on the first performance in school when they did ‘Fuwa Fuwa time‘. Best remembered episode when Mio falls and shows her ‘Rice bowl‘s. The release date for the figure was to be this Fall 2009 so do keep track on the blog and your suppliers if you’re going to pre-order it.


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