di:stage Set 02 – Glass display

The di:stage set 02 is about to be released real soon and figma blog has previews of the product. Basically, it comes with 5 transparent plastic which will fit the Basic Set and the Expension Set 01. Now you are able to keep your favourite figmas in-check, a smaller display glass and you would be able to keep those dust from reaching your figures.

di:stage 02

di:stage 02

di:stage 02

di:stage 02

Product name di:stage: Extension Set 02: Clear Case Set (でぃすてーじ えくすてんしょんせっと02 くりあけーすゆにっと)
Series di:stage
Price 780 Japanese Yen
Release Date 2009/12
Specifications PVC&ABS display base – approximately 200mm in height
Set Contents 4x Side Panel (100mmx200mm) – 1x Top Panel (100mmx100mm) – 1x Basic set Clear ver.
Sold By Max Factory
Distributor Good Smile Company

It would be nice to purchase a few so I can display some of my figmas on my desk, room, toilet, kitchen…wait I alright I got carried away, but you get the picture.

All Rights Reserved Good Smile Company.


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