Try picture this happening to you, what if one day you seriously wake up in the morning with huge ‘eyes’ and your ‘magic stick’ suddenly went poof-missing? I’ll have a nose bleed just looking myself if the mirror if I turn out to be a real hottie. Kampfer is one of this Falls 2009 latest series to hit the air-time. It’s a story of a male high schooler who transform into this real beauty of a chick whom later will be battling with other Kampfers.

Damn, wait, I remember something like this…wasn’t it called Ranma 1/2. Looks like they’re bringing back the whole male-henshin-female concept back, oh no trap alert! If you noticed, the height remains, so you’re gonna have a tall transsexual chick, compared to Ranma, he shrank. The story is a very simple royal rumble chick fight, just have fate/stay night and ikki tousen combination and there you go, minus the ‘slips’ (for now?).

The main character is Senou Natsuru who is played by Inoue Marina and yes, she’s doing both the male and female voice. Other characters are Mishima Akane played by the famous Horie Yui, who is a timid librarian who has a bad sense of dirty logic while bring in Kampfer-form, she becomes a foul-mouth punk chick. Natsuru in guy form falls for a girl name Kaede Sakura whom is played by famous nyan nyan service Nakajima Megumi but she falls for Natsuru in girl form…damn I’m spinning right-round. Well each Kampfers are assist by a very awkward stuff animal which has their intestine popping out (yes wtf?, it’s not normal for a stuff animal to have it’s inside popping out for the kids to buy). Each Kampfer has a different fighting style starting from Zauber (Magic), Gewehr (Gun), and Schwert (Sword). Those who have blue bracelets would fight it out with those who have the red ones, look it’s another red vs blue team.

Anyways it’s going to be an interesting series and I’m putting it in my “Currently Watching” timetable. I just hope it’s not one of those anime where the art just looks good but the story line falls out of place in the end. That’s what happen to freaking Princess Lovers, Pui! (Spit!) Wasted! The Ending video for the series is just God Damn! *drools*


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