K-ON! x AFA’09

OMG! WTF! K-ON! FTW! I’m seriously going berserk right now after I got the news about them coming to AFA’09. I had this gut feeling they where going to make an appearance and my senses rarely fail me. Now I’m really hype about this years AFA09. The seiyuu from the most popular (and my MOST favourite) anime K-ON! will be doing a live voice dubbing on the anime on stage and I’m sure everyone will be excited about it. It will be their very first ever outside Japan experience show so this is a chance I will not miss (even if I lose a leg or an arm).

2009’s most popular anime ‘K-ON!’, live dubbing at AFA!

Based on a four-panel comic strip written and illustrated by Kakifly, K-ON was adapted by Kyoto Animation into a TV animation. The story revolves around the four girls and their journey in reviving Sakuragaoka High School’s Light Music Club. During their second year, the club recruits another member, increasing the number to five.

“K-ON” depicts the girls’ carefree everyday life, and has become 2009’s most notable anime to date.

As the episodes continued to be aired on television, the show’s popularity grew quickly. A good example is the electric bass guitar that one of the characters uses. Stocks of it ran out, with sales figures surpassing those of the past two years. So powerful is the show’s appeal that even shops selling musical instruments integrate it into their marketing strategy to reach out to customers.

The K-ON! theme song and drama CDs have also topped the Oricon charts. The show was even awarded “Best Newcomer” on Chaku Uta Tunes’ Record Check Awards 2009, for the first half of the year! As a result, many television music programmes feature the show, something that is rarely seen, with professional musicians covering the theme songs.

The voice actresses of K-ON! will make an appearance for the first time overseas at AFA09. The cast will be doing a live dubbing a scene from the animation, in addition to a Question and Answer session on the main stage.

We will be putting up the call for submissions of questions regarding K-ON! on http://www.afa09.com soon! Check back often!

The K-ON! cast will be making their first live stage appearance outside of Japan. Please look forward to see who will be appearing! K-ON! Official Site:

via AFA 09 – K-ON at AFA.

MOE MOE KYUN! Yui! Mio! Mugi! Ritsu! Azu-nyaAa~ Thank you AFA!

AFA’09 Ticket Price list information: (TBC)
– “I LOVE Anisong” Concert ticket pricing (May’n, Shokotan, Yoshiki Fukuyama & Aniki): SGD $188 – exclusive 2day pass, ticket sales starts 19 October 2009. SGD $108 – 1 day ticket pass, ticket sales starts 26 oct.
– AFA09 Entry Fee: SGD $15 1day pass, SGD $25 2day pass.
** This isn’t official and it’s to be confirmed.


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