AFA’09 Ticket Pricing Released

It was seriously a busy day for the folks at AFA with the release of AAC09, Hatsune Miku at “I LOVE anisong” and K-ON! X AFA09. The official AFA09 has been updated but something was missing. Yes, it’s the AFA09 ticket pricing. With the help of Otakus who where up-to-date with the things going at at AFA the price-list has been released. Finally out!

via AFA 09 Ticket Price.

I LOVE anisong Guest.
21st November 2009
– Ichirou Mizuki (Aniki), Shoko Nakagawa (seiyuu and idol), Virtual idol – Hatsune Miku.
22nd November 2009
– Yoshiki Fukuyama (Basara) and May’n (Sheryl Nome).

* Information given says that there will be an autograph session so hopefully no more kow tow business (Those who remembered AFA08).

Entrance Tickets:

General Public
– SGD $15 ( 1 day pass)
– SGD $25 (2 day pass)

– SGD $12   (1 day)
– SGD $20 (2 day)

“I LOVE anisong” Tickets:

2-day pass (sales from 19 October 2009)- SGD $188
1 day pass (sales from 26 October 2009)- SGD $108

Those who have children age below 12 will be entering the event for FREE.

Concert tickets will be available for purchase from SISTIC counters for the 2 day event.

Tickets can be purchase at the event day itself. For those who will be using Online pre-registration it is only for 2 days passes. Tickets can be collected directly or on Friday (20 November 2009) at a specified time. Check website for more updates.

Thanks to Freemen and The Banzai Effect for the information.


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