All-American Rejects LIVE in Malaysia postponed and confirmed

On the 3 October 2009, DiGi apologies to all All-American Reject fans who were going to attend the concert in Malaysia on the 10 October 2009 due to an injury to the lead singer, Tyson Ritter. I thought it was gonna be a such a waste just getting those tickets (well typical Malaysia things like cancellation happens) but it looks like the concert is back on, scheduled 31 October 2009, HELL yeah Halloween Night!

The All-American Rejects is set to come back and rocking KUALA LUMPUR on 31st October at Car Park A, Bukit Jalil National Stadium!!! For latest info, check

For those who have not gotten your tickets yet, you can redeem it at the following places over the next few days!

The Plaza, Lim Kok Wing University College, 7th October, 10AM-6PM
Canteen 2,vKolej Tunku Abdul Rahman, 7th – 8th October, 10AM-6PM
Concourse Inti College Subang Jaya, 7th – 8th October, 10AM-4PM
Kompleks Perdanasiswa, Universiti Malaya, 7th – 9th October, 10AM-6PM
Pocket D, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, 7th – 8th October, 10AM-6PM

For those who don’t know yet, tickets are FREE. So come over to the redemption counter to find out how you can get your hands on the FREE tickets! =)

Those none students, booths at 1Utama and Sunway Pyramid, also Sungei Wang plaza are now open…quickly redeem them!!!


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