Fender X Evangelion

In collaboration with Evangelion 2.0 movie, Fender USA have made customized body of Rei Ayaname Stratocasters and Telecasters. Being a owner of a Fender Strat, bringing anime character to a customize body is really a big temptation. The body is specially designed by Yuriy Shishkov and is available in the Fender customize shop.

The Stratocaster version.

The Telecaster version.

via Fender Blog

Check out the Evangelion page for more information and details (contents are in Japanese).

I hope Fender would make a customize Mio Akiyama from K-ON! body for the bass series. I’m trying to save up some cash to get myself a bass guitar next year. Suppose to get one this year but I just bought a new MacBook Pro for my work so have to postponed my wishlist.

© Yamano Music Co., Fender Musical Intruments Corp., khara


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