19.10 – Happy Birthday Anjerasu

Being today is a “special day” for me I’ll like to thank my friends and family who have wished me today a very Happy Birthday. Man, it’s been this long (since I’m still alive) and sorry guys for not being able to treat most of you to some expensive dinners or whatever drinkin party you guys would want me to think of. Hey! I shouldn’t be the one doing the preparation, it’s you guys!

So what did I get for my birthday this year? Well being older means less stuff…really. I remember this where I get to book a whole building just for my birthday and party like it’s ’99 but those days are gone and most of my closest friends are miles away. Anyways to get text msg and e-mails from them is close enough to touch my heart. As for my parents? Well well well…it’s quite a surprise for me actually. I got a SABER LILY NENDOROID from their ‘finance department’ and also got some add-ons to my dSLR camera, a CPL Filter. Seriously, it’s a very rare thing for you parents to actually buy you figures for your birthday, especially when you’re over *ahem* 20. If I had a girlfriend maybe or your best friends yeah, but parents…a very rare thing.

Bad thing about today was someone from the past gave me a text message which I wasn’t really happy with (really not impress) but the Coolest thing early this morning at 4am, I looked at the beautiful skies from my balcony and what you know a shooting star. That’s a moment I will say, “I wished upon a falling star”. So did I made a wish? Of course I did, it would be a waste right 😉

Now being a facebook user. I know it’s a freakin hard thing when you get like 6539163 friends on your list and I pray around this time that more than half would forget my birthday so I decided to turn off my birthday notification for a week and last night turning the birthday release on so I won’t get spam. Any how, this is how to see how many people actually pay attention to their FB accounts and the result was I have a low percentage of people remembering my birthday until someone, something will remind them. GOTCHA!

To my friends in my hometown Kuching, thanks for the greetings and sorry but I’m going to be a permanent resident here in West Malaysia starting next year so no more freebie from October Santa. I beat my friend Norman would go, “WTF you DAYAK! Get back here and drink like a man!” or so to speak. Anyways I miss the gang back there.

So wishlist? Hmm…anyways I think I’ll just fool around and see Top 5 “what if” presents.

TOP 5 “what if” list:
5. Octopus Rapid Fast 355 with Raincoat & Laptop Backpack / 50mm f1.8 II Canon lens
4. Good Smile Company – Fate/unlimited codes – Saber Lily 1/7 Scale PVC Figure / other related anime goods
3. Dollfie / Fender Bass Guitar
2. All expenses paid trip to Japan for 1 week, including hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner + a trip to the onsen!
1. Yui / a wife (what!)

Miku Bday

Well there’s still time left so I better watch out for any ‘tricks’ and ‘pranks’ later. Thank you everyone!


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