AFA’09 Pre-registration up

Pre-registration for AFA’09 is up and running. Just a friendly reminder to all, it’s only for those who wants to attend the event for 2 Days. By purchasing the 2 Day AFA’09 pass, you’re gonna get a hell of a treat, from the K-ON! Experience (YATAH!), AFA Regional Cosplay Event, Kaname Cosplay Panel, Danny Choo Show (SUGOII!), Anime Screenings, Competitions and Tournements. Looks there’s more interesting stuff, you’ll be able to get exclusive merchandise in AKB Town and also be able to catch the I LOVE Anisong concert but…in a first come first serve public viewing area.

AFA09 Festival Entrance Ticket Pricing
Normal Price – SGD$15 (1 Day), SGD$25 (2 Days)
*Student Price – SGD$12 (1 Day), SGD$20 (2 Days)

* Student price is only applicable to students who study in Singapore.

Simply fill in the following details below to pre-register for a AFA09 2 Day Ticket.
1) Pre-registration is only available for 2-days passes.
2) The fee for a 2-day pass is S$25.00 for adults and S$20.00 for students.
It is not applicable to consumers who want to purchase a single day ticket.

* To pre-register, no payment is required. Please print and bring along your confirmation email together with your identification card or student ID which applicable to collect your ticket(s).

20th November 2009 (Friday) from 12noon to 6pm at Suntec Convention Centre, level 4, ticketing counter. We only accept CASH for ticket(s) collection.
NOTE: Collection for pre-registration tickets can only be made on the 20th of November, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

More Information:

All attendees 13-years-old and up need a One Day Ticket or Two Day Pass to enter the Anime Festival Asia 2009. Anyone 12 years old and below may enter free of charge.

Both One Day and Two Day tickets can only be purchased at the venue itself. Ticket sales will commence from 9am onwards.

Online Pre-Registration click here.
Ticket Information click here.

Sorry was late to put this up due yesterday was my “special-day” and I didn’t have much time due to the fact I was rushing to build a new HTML/CSS and FLASH site for a portfolio, alright time to listen to May’n new Macross F single – Pink Monsoon -.


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